Below are some of the websites that I’ve set up.

How To Cook Like Your Grandmother

{tab=HTCLYG Blog}

  • Custom theme
  • Custom header
  • Multiple page templates
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Custom widgets and javascript popup for mailing list registration.

{tab=Image Browser}

  • Custom coded image browser
    • Database backed
    • Grouped by category
    • Links to posts
  • Template with no sidebars

{tab=Sales Pages}

Stripped down template with no navigation or sidebars.
{tab=HTCLYG Home Page}

Custom home page, based on modified sales page template. Shows expandable teaser for most recent blog entry, plus thumbnail image and teaser for next four most recent.

Hive Marketing


Installed and modified theme with customer-supplied logo graphic.
{tab=Home Page}

Static page, customized template with no sidebars.

A Moderate Life

{tab=A Moderate Life — Blog}

  • Converted from Blogspot and imported existing content
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Configured AdSense and Google Analytics

{tab=A Moderate Life — Testimonial}

I loved what you did for me and for my blog. I feel very confident using it and your service was very quick.

While I was not up to speed on the WordPress, you held my hand quite well, but let me do my thing as well. You set up the email, you set up the blog, you transferred the blog pages for a bit more (cool, that was understandable) you tried to find a good theme and showed me a way to search for more. You answered every question I had.

I am a pretty confident computer user, and while I was nervous about moving the blog and taking that big step, you did a great job at allaying my fears.

Alex C.


A Cook’s Library

{tab=A Cook’s Library — Home}

  • Converted from free WordPress.com and imported existing content
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Heavily modified theme
  • Set up widgets and Google Analytics to match prior functionality

{tab=A Cook’s Library — Testimonial}

Drew Kime did a fantastic job moving my WordPress blog from hosted to self-hosted. He made the move quickly and efficiently with no hitches and worked hard with me to get the blog looking and working the way I wanted to.

He answered my technical questions clearly and explained things I didn’t understand in simple steps so that I could easily follow them myself. He responded to emails quickly although we worked with a big time difference as I live in the UK.

I would whole-heartedly recommend using Drew to set up a new blog or move your existing blog to self-hosted.

Karen H.

Appalachian Appetites

  • Converted from free WordPress.com and imported existing content
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Set up widgets to match prior functionality

Food History Humor

Stock theme, modified with custom header image.

Yarns and Vittles

Minimalist theme and layout.